Ramón Peña - Ventresca - Yellowfin Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

This tuna is hand caught in the Galician Rias, Spain. 'Ventresca' refers to the belly cut of fish and is to Spain is what Toro is to Japan. The tuna belly has long be considered as the finest and most flavorful part of the tuna, which is what Ramón Peña uses. The tuna is cleaned and canned by hand using only the best pieces of the belly. After careful filleting in solid pieces, not broken up like your average tuna, it is topped with olive oil to keep it moist, and sealed. These fillets are very tender and different from your average canned tuna. This tuna belly will take a simple salad to the next level.

Size: 110g / 3.88oz

About Ramón Peña:

Surrounded by the cool, clean waters of the Atlantic and the Old World spirit of Spain’s Iberian Peninsula, there is no better place than Galicia for Ramón Peña to have mastered his technique. He insists on being the first to the morning fish auctions, purchasing only the absolute best of each day’s catch. After cooking in fresh seawater, each offering is hand-packed into tins one tasty morsel at a time. Only small producers like Peña, who use time-tested artisan techniques, are able to capture the intrinsic flavors and preserve the incomparable texture of pristine seafood.

There are so many ways to enjoy tinned seafood, but we like it best right out of the can with freshly baked bread and a glass of un-oaked white wine.

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