Pascales Kitchen Cook Books - A Menu For All Seasons: Autumn

Pascale's family's 'bastide', behind the beach in St. Tropez, is a 250-year old farmhouse built in a tradition where blank, 1-meter thick walls, face the dominating winds, the 'Mistral' and the 'Vent d'Est'. The ancient logic behind such a choice is made apparent with the arrival of Autumn and the wet blast of the East wind, flattening trees, roiling the Med to look like the Atlantic, or, blowing in the opposite direction, the 40-to-60 knots winds of the Mistral, turning the sea into a turquoise copy of the Caribbean, but icy cold. What this has to do with food is temperature, both internal and external.

On Mistral days, under crystal blue skies, we sit in the sun with our backs protected by the patio walls and tuck into caramelized fig and goat cheese tart or perhaps a pecan and Roquefort crumble with a tasty pear and mesclun salad. But when the Vent d'Est boils up, all grey clouds and slashing rain, then it's thick jumpers in front of a roaring fire, the smell of burning wood and pine cones perfectly complementing a duck tajine married to peaches and dates, or say, braised endives to accompany a roasted filet mignon with a tapenade of fresh herbs, while outside the last golden leaves are stripped off the mulberry trees.

The seasons turn...what better way to acknowledge their passing than with 'food, glorious food'? Bon Appetit!e Pacific in the succulent shape of the Cured Salmon with Mesclun Salad, and all the dishes in between; redolent of this hot, vibrant season, this book is the perfect summer feast.

About Pascale Beale

Pascale Beale grew up in England and France surrounded by a family which has always been passionate about food, wine and the arts. She was taught to cook by her French mother and grandmother. After 15 years working in the property and financial markets in California, all the while continuing her quest for good food and culinary knowledge during gastronomic pilgrimages to Europe, she returned to her first passion, cooking. She has, over the past 15 years, written nine cookery books, hundreds of articles for local newspapers, food magazines, and is a columnist for the James Beard award winning publication, Edible Santa Barbara.

The Pascale's Kitchen Cooking Channel was launched on YouTube in September 2016 with videos showcasing seasonal, Mediterranean and Californian inspired dishes.

In March 2020, with the coronavirus shutdown and the cancellation of her book tour for her latest book, Salade II, Pascale launched an IGTV channel on Instagram with daily episodes showcasing easy to make dishes while quarantined at home.

As in person classes are not currently possible, Pascale also launched (in April 2020) a new series of virtual cooking classes, hosted on Zoom.

Her company, Pascale’s Kitchen, brings a range of culinary products, including her signature line of custom blended herbs and spices, oils and vinegars, as well as exquisite kitchen and tableware, to its customers, making cooking pleasurable, delicious and fun.

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