Paul and Pippa Artisan Crackers - Basil & Quinoa and Hot Paprika

#1 Basil & Quinoa Crackers For Mild Cheese

We suggest them for your selection of soft cheese as: mozzarella, burrata, cream cheese or fresh goat cheese.

#2 Hot Paprika Crackers For Strong Cheese 

We suggest them for your selection of hard cheese as: cheddar, manchego, stilton or feta cheese.

About Paul and Pippa Crackers

Paul and Pippa were the founders' grandparents whom use to cook at home biscuits and crackers made with the best olive oil and locally-sourced ingredients and different flavours as tomato one for example.

After years, they decided to recover these recipes and create a new brand based on the same values and transmit the Mediterranean way of life, but without forgetting a modern twist. They spent two years working on the biscuit recipes. One thing they were clear about from the outset was that they would be 100% artisan made entirely from natural ingredients, using real fruits and vegetables, and free from flavourings and additives. As true lovers of the Mediterranean, one of the main ingredients in the recipes would be extra virgin olive oil, the best oil in the world. With this common denominator they created a range of biscuits, cookies and crackers with excusive flavours like lime, pure cocoa and salt flakes, natural coconut, apple and cinnamon, tapenade, tomato, parmesan, Manchego cheese, and for crackers basil, dill, smoked salt, Jamaican Pepper, etc…

So much care goes into each of the recipes that each flavour seems to have taken on its own personality, so they consider all Paul and Pippa Team as a family. Every day their products are made using traditional and artisan methods in a small bakery, where quality is lovingly controlled. Handmade with love!

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