TRUFF - Black Truffle Salt

This Truffle Salt is our most versatile use of truffle yet. If you crave the luxuriousness of truffles, Truffle Salt will become your go-to seasoning. You can substitute it for some of the salt in your favorite recipes or use just a pinch as a finishing touch to elevate any meal.

Size: 5.3 oz (150g)

About Truff:

In the words of Truff's Los Angeles based creators Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni:

"The ingredients that we wanted hadn’t been explored. So we explored them. The flavors that we wanted hadn’t been mixed. So we mixed them. The indulgence that we demanded hadn’t been met. So we indulged. The game hadn’t been changed. The sauce that we wanted didn’t exist. The bridge hadn’t been crossed…so we burned it down."

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