Etto Pasta - Conchigliette

This shell shaped pasta is great for meat sauce or mac & cheese.

Etto's pasta is made with west coast organic durum semolina flour from Central Milling Company. Extruded through traditional bronze dies, dried slowly or available fresh on site in Tin City in Paso Robles, CA. 

Size: 500g

About Etto Pasta:

Pasta is simple and unpretentious. Yet it is also complex, nutritious, and distinct. It is amazing how something so simple can be incredibly diverse, endlessly creative, and good for you.

Pasta is a daily food of Italy. However, its appearance across the country is far from monotonous. The great variety of pasta shapes accentuate Italy’s regional differences and draw attention to the distinctions that define local identities. Each dish can tell a story of a place, its history, its people, and a way of life. (Not to mention that Italy ranks as the healthiest nation in the world*.) Italians eat pasta by the etto (100 grams or about ¼ pound). An etto represents a sensible portion of pasta for one person, as either a primi or as part of a balanced meal.

Etto is family-owned, sources quality local ingredients, and values our customers and community.

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