Le Souk Ceramics - Jinane Design Dinner Bowl

Jinane means “garden” in Arabic, and this blue and white design was created to reflect a Mediterranean floral inspiration. White accent art is layered on top of the cobalt blue floral elements, which in turn are on top of white clay. For the cobalt blue, the dose of water varies on each brushstroke so that you see differing intensities of blue on each flower. The white clay base underneath shows off this nuance in the blue. This gives Jinane an almost organic feel in the artwork. Jinane will mix in beautifully with our solid cobalt blue dinnerware pieces or with any solid white dinnerware.

Dimensions: 9.5" diameter

About Le Souk Ceramique:

Le Souk is an American-Tunisian company, started in 1997, with the simple goal of maintaining the tradition of hand-made and hand-painted ceramics, while also adhering to the principles of providing a living wage with exceptional working conditions.


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