Mikuni Wild Harvest - Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms


Golden chanterelle are one of the few mushrooms that you truly can pair with anything. From fish and steak to chicken and game, they are the most versatile of the wild mushrooms. Cook with fresh herbs, white wine and cream and serve on top of some fresh pasta for a delicious and simple treat.


  • Dried wild mushrooms can be reconstituted by placing them in a bowl with warm water, wine or stock. Mushrooms should rehydrate in 15-20 minutes and then be strained in a colander to remove any excess liquid and debris.
  • Once reconstituted, the wild mushrooms will yield about 6-8 times their dried weight.
  • Unused dried mushrooms should be kept in air tight packaging once opened in order to reduce their exposure to unwanted moisture.
  • Wild mushrooms will last for months when stored in a dry area away from direct sunlight.


About Mikuni Wild Harvest

Mikuni Wild Harvest is a company committed to the exploration of nature’s greatest bounty… food. Every member of the Mikuni family began as a mushroom forager. For each, what started as an enjoyable pastime has evolved into a fulfilling career. Mikuni started exporting mushrooms to Japan and Europe in the early eighties. In 2001, Mikuni changed focus to the development of a boutique line of sustainable wild foods for restaurants and gourmet retail outlets. Since then, the company has grown from three committed individuals slugging it out in a basement office, to a team of like-minded individuals with distribution centers throughout Canada and the United States. Although the size and direction of the company has changed dramatically over the years, the concept and commitment has not. It has always been Mikuni’s goal to provide the highest quality of unique and sustainable wild foods.

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