Mizuba Tea Company - House Matcha Green Tea

This certified organic first flush artisanal Matcha. The House showcases fresh, traditional & enjoyable flavors. This organic tea is only harvested once a year, and is the first harvest of the year due to the difficult process of growing the organic tea. Sip the vibrant green tea and dream of the equally vibrant tea fields of Uji, Japan. We love this matcha whisked hot with honey, and then poured over ice!! A perfect refresher. 

Flavor profile: Strong aromatics of ripe red fruits - particularly raspberry jam. What is sweet on the nose comes out savory in the mouth: House's smooth umami flavor showcases vegetal creaminess with brisk oceanic hints. 

About Mizuba Tea Company:

Mizuba Tea Company is all about purveying the most excellent matcha possible since 2013. They are very much about single-ingredient and single-origin products, as well as non-gmo, radiation free, preservative and heavy metal free, which results in their absolutely pure matcha green tea. They source from their JAS-organic certified farm in the region of Uji-recognized in Japan as the highest quality tea growing region and their 100 year old matcha manufactory. With every sip of Mizuba you take, you help continue to make Uji’s history as vibrant as the color of Matcha itself.

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