Noble Handcrafted - Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio

The Noble line of truffle preserves are crafted in the Mountains of Northern Italy by a 5th generation Italian truffle dynasty committed to harvesting only the most fragrant truffles in the world. We think you will find the Noble Handcrafted brand of truffle preserves to be of the highest integrity.

Noble black truffle carpaccio (slices) is made using the finest slices of black summer truffles from Italy and then cooked in Olive Oil. This carpaccio is used by top chefs world-wide and bring a superb versatility, combined with incredible depth of flavor. This product provides  luxury presentation with rich and powerful gourmet flavors while allowing customers to enjoy the real taste of truffle all year round.

Carpaccio is best suited as a luxurious garnish for fish, meat, or egg based dishes.  It can also be enjoyed as a dressing for fresh pasta and salad, or as an addition to sauces to add a rich depth. Noble carpaccio is suitable for many lifestyles as it is gluten, dairy, nut and seed free.


About Noble Handcrafted

Noble Handcrafted is a brand that embraces the collaboration of craft with the pioneering of the new American food tradition, a tradition that is continually being redefined. Artisan craftsmen, boutique producers, sustainable farms, and innovative chefs are the foundation for this growing line of small batch, quality focused ingredients that will surprise, delight and inspire the most seasoned culinary aficionados. Noble Handcrafted products are the result of dedicated and passionate people doing what they love. 


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