Olive Wood Chess Set - Small

Our olive chess sets are completely handmade from 100% natural olive wood from trees that are no longer reproductive. They are great gifts and work amazing as home décor, as well as for playing chess. The olive wood chess set features 2 drawers for storing pieces on opposite sides of the board. The olive wood chess set stands on 4 legs and is decorated with rustic edges. The edges are made from real olive tree bark. This olive wood chess set comes complete with all of the pieces that you need to play.

  • Made from 100% Olive Wood
  • Hand wash only
  • Be sure to regularly oil your olive wood to restore its original luster
Dimensions (*approximate):
  • Chess PLAY AREA: 15 cm = 6"
  • * Weight:1.5kg = 3 lbs
  • * High: 8 cm = 3"
  • * Long: 28cm= 11"
  • * Wide: 28cm = 11"

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