Sonoma Gourmet - Uncured Bacon Alfredo Sauce

Everything is better with bacon! And that is true of Sonoma Gourmet's Uncured Bacon Alfredo. Handcrafted with real cream, parmesan and Romano cheeses, and flavored with uncured bacon, this is sure to delight your taste buds! Toss it with fettuccini or top your pizza crust with it before adding mozzarella and diced pancetta.

Net Wt. 15.5oz/439g

About Sonoma Gourmet:

Sonoma Gourmet is a new-world food company driven by flavor. And to them, flavor is more than something you have. Flavor is something you do, bringing things together in unique ways to make things more interesting. To make things more vibrant. To make things better. It’s how they approach food and life.

Sonoma Gourmet's chefs don’t believe in compromising flavor. Ever. That’s what sets them and their products apart. It’s why they cook in small batches using the absolute best ingredients. Fresh, real, local, delicious things. They can't make things taste great if their ingredients aren't the best, and having the Sonoma Valley as their backyard pantry goes a long way to making that happen.

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