Char Man Brand Hot Sauce - Picante

Char Man Brand's sensational take on a medium heat "Taco Style" sauce. Starting with a base of ripe, red jalapeños, they then start layering flavors with dried chilies, spices, orange juice & pumpkin! Great on tacos, burritos, burgers and everything in between.

Size: 5 fl oz (148ml)

About Char Man Brand Hot Sauces:

Chris Sutton, owner & saucier at Char Man Brand Hot Sauce, grew up in Ojai, California, working in his family's seafood restaurant, Seafresh (opened in 1985 & still in operation). He quickly developed a passion for cooking, especially spicy foods. In 2006, he created a spicy habanero garlic sauce for a sushi roll which became a instant hit! Due to it's popularity, he started bottling and selling it at the restaurant and a few stores around Ojai & Ventura in California.

In 2014, Chris decided to to dive into the world of Hot Sauce headfirst & full-time. Since then, his sauces have won numerous awards, expanding the lineup to six varieties which can be found in speciality stores as far away as Dubai & New Zealand. These sauces are still all handmade by Chris himself and a helper in Ventura using local ingredients.

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