Ekone Oyster Company - Smoked Oysters

Ekone Oyster Company is proud to be able to bring you the finest quality Pacific Oysters. On the coast of Washington State, they use the long-line method to promote the highest quality oyster, and ensure they are always free of sand and grit. They are harvested fresh then brought to the Ekone cannery in Bay Center, WA, where the oysters are steamed and opened, then brined in small batches. The brined oysters are then placed meticulously on stainless steel racks and smoked using maple chips. A true classic that is fresh, all natural and allows the flavor of the oysters to shine!

Each 3 ounce can is made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. They are also shelf stable for up to four years!


About Ekone Oyster Company:

Ekone Oyster Company was incorporated in 1982 by Nick Jambor and his wife, Joanne. They had already started farming oysters  in Washington, where you can privately own intertidal ground. Nick built a wooden smokehouse for Joanne’s birthday, and they smoked a few oysters to enjoy. They experimented with brines and smoking times for the oysters, and found that their friends loved them. Nick and Joanne started taking their oysters to restaurants in Seattle, where they were popular also. It did not take long to rent a small space, upgrade the smokehouse and start producing more smoked oysters to keep up with the demand.

There are so many ways to enjoy tinned seafood, but we like it best right out of the can with freshly baked bread and a glass of un-oaked white wine.

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