Black Sheep's Gourmet Atomic Frog Balls

Think you know Brussels sprouts? Taste these spicy dill pickled babies & think again! These aren't your mama's Brussels sprouts. Outstanding in bloody marys & martinis, great with beer & full-bodied red wines. Enjoy in sandwiches & salads!


About Black Sheep Gourmet Foods

Black Sheep Gourmet Foods was started by ex-restauranteurs, Tom & Maribeth  Seaton. Tom began pickling various vegetables and after prodding by friends, decided to test market his creations at the Temecula Farmers Market in California.  

One day, a farmers market regular customer asked if Tom could dill pickle some Brussels Sprouts for her, and he did. The Brussels Sprouts proved popular, but they needed a proper, interesting name. Well….Tom’s little sister, Bonnie, decided when she was about six years old, that those odd green things on her dinner plate were green like a frog and round like a meatball, therefore they must be “frog balls.” Atomic Frog Balls were born!

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