Jose Gourmet - Spiced Octopus in Olive Oil

This a spicy version of Jose Gourmet's octopus, caught in the Atlantic Ocean. Cooked to perfection and cut in half inch pieces, Jose Gourmet's combination with Portugese Piri-Piri chili and extra virgin olive oil is simply delicious. Eat right out of the can, use with pasta, risotto or add to a salad, you can't go wrong with this delicacy.

About Jose Gourmet:

Jose Gourmet combs the coasts of Portugal and Spain to find seafood of distinction. The quality of their products is the raison d’être of their company. But this quality does not exist on its own. They believe in the principles of fair trade, often paying in advance and never negotiating for better pricing. The artwork of Luis Mendonça on the packaging is meant to pay homage to the these fishermen and canneries who rely on manpower and life long dedication to their trade.

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