Santa Barbara Pistachio Company - Onion Garlic

The savory taste of onion and the rich flavor of garlic blend in perfect harmony in our Onion Garlic Roast. Two favorite flavors create one outstanding pistachio. One of our biggest sellers! All organic.

 Size: 12oz

About Santa Barbara Pistachio Company:

In 1991, the Zannon family began Santa Barbara Pistachio Company with the goal of producing the best-tasting, all-natural organic pistachios available anywhere.

Grown on their family farm in the hills of the Sierra Madre Range in Santa Barbara County, with sunny days and cool, clear nights that are perfect for growing organically. At an altitude of 2,900 feet, this high-desert climate is almost identical to the pistachio’s native climate in Western Asia.

As the only locally-owned and family-managed organic pistachio farm on the Central Coast, Santa Barbara Pistachio controls every phase of production. From planting, farming and harvesting, to brine flavoring, hot-air roasting and hand-packaging. They are very proud to sell only what they grow, allowing they to maintain their unique product and guarantee that all pistachios meet their strict quality standards.

Known as the “Original Home of the Flavored Pistachio,” Santa Barbara Pistachio Company has developed a unique process for roasting and flavoring their high-quality nuts.  The result being a delicate crunch and a distinctively intense pistachio flavor.  Naturally tree-ripened, Santa Barbara Pistachios are brined with 100% natural organic ingredients to saturate the nuts with gourmet flavor.  To ensure maximum freshness, the pistachios are then hot air-roasted in small batches daily.  The low roast temperature never rises above 180 degrees, so the nuts retain their natural oils where their sweet flavor is derived.

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