The Gracious Gourmet Strawberry Black Pepper Jam

This version of the perennially popular strawberry jam adds balsamic vinegar to enhance the strawberry flavor and surprises with a zing of black pepper to create an additional flavor dimension. Ice cream, cheese, and as a sandwich spread for ham, chicken, and nut butters are just a few of the delicious uses. The reasons you'll want to enjoy this one-of-a-kind jam keep on going and going!

Cheese partner: Brie, creamy goat or blue cheeses

Breakfast partner: breads, biscuits, pancake or yogurt

Protein partner: poultry pork, game and cured meats 

Size: 7.75oz / 217g

About The Gracious Gourmet:

Based in Bridgewater, Connecticut, The Gracious Gourmet offers a line of award-winning specialty condiments and snacks that easily transform ordinary dishes into exceptional ones. Founder Nancy Wekselbaum still develops everything in her own kitchen, creating products that make cooking and entertaining easy. Made in small batches, they source only the finest all-natural ingredients for their recipes without using preservatives. 

Keeping health consciousness in mind, they also minimize the use of salt and sugar and many of their products are vegan and naturally gluten free. Their aim is simple: To make every one of your meals a special occasion.

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