Villa Jerada - Chermoula Spread

Villa Jerada has made its authentic Chermoula spread with a base of savory-sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and spices including cumin, paprika and preserved lemon. Parsley and cilantro brighten up the sauce, which has a spreadable texture like tomato paste.

Use as a spread, with a cheese platter, on a charcuterie or as a paste or marinade for meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

Ingredients: Sun dried tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, cumin, coriander, sweet paprika, garlic, preserved lemons, salt, vinegar.

Size: 255g/9 ounces

About Villa Jerada:

Seattle-based Villa Jerada prides itself on making award-winning artisan products from Morocco and the Levant. The founders of Villa Jerada create their pantry products with a fresh take on the traditional Moroccan flavors while making sure every recipe and product has all the culinary heritage they grew up with. They carefully select the best ingredients from all around the world and make small batches to ensure high quality, fresh products.

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