Viva Oliva Salt - Tuscan Herb Sea Salt

This Pacific Flake Sea Salt and Tuscan herbs is a blend that will take your cooking to the Italian countryside. Sprinkle it over scrambled eggs or roasted vegetables. Shake it generously onto both sides of chicken breasts or fish before grilling or pan frying for an extra pop of flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, Garlic, Onion, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme

Size: 2oz / 56.7g

About Viva Oliva:

Located in Santa Barbara, California, Viva Oliva was established in 2010. A family-owned business, we are dedicated to sourcing and retailing the highest quality extra virgin olive oilsfused and infused olive oilsbalsamic vinegars, and gourmet artisan foods. We carefully curate every product that we carry, always looking for something truly special. We love working with small batch, artisan food producers whose passion for their work and trade is so clearly reflected in the flavor and quality of their products. 

For its range of gourmet foods, Viva Oliva has partnered with California-based Sutter Buttes Natural and Artisan Foods, which has earned a reputation for its innovative line of handcrafted products. Owners Alka and Arek have travelled extensively to bring home more of the world’s finest flavors, combining with California's bountiful produce to create the freshest and most flavorful spices and condiments.

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