Emirelli Wood Fire Grilled Olives - Pitted

Grilled Olives - it's what you have been waiting for. The perfect blend of garlic and mixed spices, these olives are marinated using our secret recipe to give them a tangy taste. We carefully collected the most delicious green olives grown in the Aegean region of Turkey. We grilled them on the wood fire. Then we marinated with garlic and the most delicious spices. And this wonderful taste came out. You will love this fantastic product which is the first in the US. We hope you enjoy Emirelli grilled olives in your breakfasts, salads, or just with some bread.

Net Wt. 16.9 oz., 480g


Pitted green olives, fermented garlic, thyme, sunflower oil.

About Emirelli:

Do you think Emirelli is an olive brand? Well, would you define Emirelli as a Turkish Delight specialist? We have a hard time defining our company through our products. Because we are not able to curb our desire to sail for new adventures and create exceptional tastes. Actually, Emirelli is a dreamer, a reformist who makes extraordinary touches to the tastes you know and love, a treasure hunter that finds and elaborately process the best quality ingredients. Welcome to the Emirelli universe, don't hesitate to lose yourself.

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