Noble Handcrafted - Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup

The makers of the world's best maple syrups, Noble Handcrafted, is proud to bring you Noble Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup. Noble procures medium amber grade Maple syrup from heritage sugar shacks in the ancient maple orchards of Québec. The syrup is then matured in Tuthilltown charred American oak barrels, with just a hint of raw Tuthilltown bourbon. This combination and process produces a distinct bourbon, maple and oak flavored syrup. 

Pour over granola and yogurt in the morning, or over ice-cream for dessert. Will transform your french toast, waffles and pancakes. Use to sweeten rum, bourbon and whiskey cocktails. Glaze pork or roast vegetables like brussel sprouts or sweet potato with this maple syrup. 

About Noble Handcrafted:

Noble Handcrafted is a brand that embraces the collaboration of craft with the pioneering of our new American food tradition, a tradition that is continually being redefined. Artisan craftsmen, boutique producers, sustainable farms, and innovative chefs are the foundation for this growing line of small batch, quality focused ingredients that will surprise, delight and inspire the most seasoned culinary aficionados. Noble Handcrafted products are the result of dedicated and passionate people doing what they love. 


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