Kill Sauce - Habanero

This Habanero sauce is Kill Sauce's flagship product, containing roasted red peppers and fresh habaneros. Pairs well with pizza, Bloody Mary's, burgers, and mostly everything you can imagine. 

Ingredients: Water, Red Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Onion, Red Chili Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Spices, Xanthan Gum

Size: 5 fl oz (140mL)

About Habanero Cartel's Kill Sauces:

The Habanero Cartel is a native Southern California company based in Los Angeles. The Habanero Cartel has created the Kill Sauces to be low in salt and sugar, and containing no preservatives or genetically modified organisms. It is the all-natural hot sauce for culinary arts with a perfect balance of heat and flavor.

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